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Did I mention that I've had two serious wipe-outs this week?

The first was on Monday night. I'd gone to Sprout and April's house after the whole Salad Underground fiasco. They live on the third floor of a big house. To make a long story short, when I was leaving, I stepped out of the door to their floor, into the darkened stairwell, expecting to find a landing there before the stairs. There isn't one. So I careened, screaming, down the blackened stairs. By the time April managed to get the light turned on I'd fallen halfway down and had stopped myself from falling any farther by grasping onto the railing. Good times.

The embarrassing aftermath? Once I got outside, I realized I'd dropped my cell phone somewhere in all the excitement, and had to go back up there. Mortifying.

At any rate, I mention that because today it happened again. This time wasn't as bad. It happened here, at work. I was walking behind Mary Beth, who (I think) stepped back just as I was passing behind her, and our feet got tangled up and I went down, face first. Thankfully I always wear kneepads at work (because of all the crawling around I do), so I really didn't get injured this time. I am still sore from Monday though.

Not the graceful swan of a daughter my Mother had intended.
Antioch Homecoming 2007 4

Who the hell am I?

Today I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning and checkup. They found a cavity, and I insisted that, if they wanted to fill it, they needed to medicate me first. I have a script and now I need to find someone to drive me to and from the appointment. The Puppy has volunteered, but we need to coordinate schedules first.

Now here's the really odd part: I had to ask the dental hygienist to wash her hands a second time, because I could smell that she had recently had a cigarette, and it made me feel kind of nauseous. Yes. Me.

Actually, not five minutes ago I decided against sitting and eating my lunch at one of the outside tables, because the couple sitting at the next table was smoking.

Other news:

I've not yet talked about The Salad Underground, and I probably won't go into depth about it in this post. Yesterday writer00 made a comment about how I'd been too busy living my life lately to spend time writing about my life, and he's right. In a nutshell, The Salad Underground is a group of Co-op people who've been getting together, having meetings, and getting educated. It's a good way to be focusing my energy.

Other stuff includes more (boring) house stuff (trying to get homeowners insurance, having to take a landlord class, blah blah blah), getting ready for Antioch reunion, being a mommy to a cat who has cancer, and, uh, my secret. For what it's worth, I'd tell you, but I know you'd yell at me (well, some of you would), and I need to decide how I feel about things before I solicit opinions from the Peanut Gallery (no offense intended).

So how are you these days?