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Mr. Rogers Dinosaur


Holy cats am I overdue for updating pictures. Let's get to it:

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And that's it. Look for more pictures as we head to Philly on Tuesday.
38th birthday

December Photo Dump.

It's cold and it's snowy and I don't want to get out of my pajamas, much less venture outside. So instead I'll give you a bunch of December photos. These probably won't be all of them, but it's at least a greatest hits album.

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Tonight is The Co-op's annual Winterfest party. I've never missed one, but I think it's going to take me a good, long while to motivate to get bundled up and trudge out there. Brrrrr...
Antioch Homecoming 2007 4

Confuscious say:

My Mother has come up with a new scare tactic: OMG! Your house is going to fall off a cliff! She showed up for dinner complete with clippings and photos and everything.

Now here's the best part of the story: My Mother and I went out for Chinese food tonight. When we got our fortune cookies, I got:
Listen to the wisdom of the old.

But she got:
Restrain yourself from intruding into other's businesses.

So I think we effectively canceled each other out.

Also, if I can find a teeny, tiny frame, those fortunes are so going on the wall of my new house.
4th of July 2

Rotten Day: Part 2

About an hour after I made my last post, I had a horrible realization: every time I get a parking ticket, it means my car is about to get totaled.

My first parking ticket in Pittsburgh? Was never paid because shortly thereafter, the clutch blew on my beloved 1979 Datsun 210. My next ticket? Was also never paid, because within a week my 1990 Nissan Whatever-the-heck-it-was got T-boned by a drunk on the South Side. And the ticket after that? Was right before someone drove into my 1992 Mazda Protege when it was parked on Penn Avenue in Lawrenceville.

Let me just say that today's ticket makes me extraordinarily nervous.

Other crap:

My Mom took me out for Chinese food. We tried to go to Zenith, but after a solid hour stuck in traffic, we arrived to discover that they're not open on Wednesdays. Oops. So we went to Shadyside and China Palace, which is what used to be Hunan Kitchen in Squirrel Hill (which is what used to be Zen Garden in Squirrel Hill). The fortune in my cookie said "Your love life will soon be happy and harmonious," which actually made me cry. I hid that from my Mom, though.

Then my Mom did something really sweet. We stopped in to Journeys of Life and she bought me this little stone wall hanging that says "hope." I haven't hung it up yet. And at the moment, all I want to do is sit at her feet, rest my head in her lap, and cry. I think instead I'm gonna smoke a giant pile of weed and crash. Meh.
Horny Vegan

"In Bed"

Last night, I went out for Chinese food with my Mother.

Now, many people (Sprout included) like to play that "in bed" game with their fortune cookie fortunes. I'll admit to having done that upon occasion, but it's a game whose novelty really wore off for me around the time I graduated from college. Nevertheless, last night I got the best "in bed" fortune ever, made doubly ridiculous by the fact that I was not about to explain the whole "in bed" game to my Mother. And I quote:

You will make a sudden rise in life.

No. Really. I swear.

And in other news, if I don't hear from the vet in the next fifteen minutes, I'm calling them. And if I have an unsatisfactory telephone experience, I'm heading over there.
July 2006

Everything starts in October.

There's a tiny little ray of optimism inside of me. You see, everything starts in October.

I think n0thingman is the only person who really understands this, although I've talked with pghwob about it some. I don't know that I could really explain it if I tried, so you'll simply have to take it on faith: everything starts in October.

Now, to be fair, sometimes the things that start are actually endings. Last October was the beginning of the end with Rob. The October before that was the beginning and the end of Hipster. The October before that was the beginning of the end with H.W.S.R.N., although I didn't know it at the time.

And it's not just about romantic relationships. October was the beginning of the Hope and Heroin show (well, actually, it was today, September 30th, the anniversary of James Dean's death, but it went from a one time thing to a serious problem in October). October was when I got Opie. Actually, I think October was also when I got Jacob and Tino, albeit four years later. October was also when I lost my Stoney. But regardless the specifics, the seeds of the year to come are always sown in October.

Tonight I went to Hunan Kitchen for some food. And when I opened my fortune cookie, I received the following message: "A golden egg of opportunity falls into your lap this month." Everything starts in October.
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A Traditional Jewish Christmas

Well, I see that lilostitch is online, so let's see if I can get my update about tonight posted before she can ...

Today we had a full-fledged traditional Jewish Christmas. First, lilostitch, sillylilboi, BFunk and I all went to see a movie: Memoirs of a Geisha. It was not my first choice of movies (that would've been The Producers, which apparently won't hit theaters in Pittsburgh until next month), but I wasn't opposed to the idea either. That said, lilostitch and I were both disturbed by a number of things in the film (ranging from questions of colonialism and voyeurism to, you know, the whole concept of selling your daughters into prostitution), though sillylilboi and BFunk seemed to love it.

Then we all headed round the corner to Hunan Kitchen where we met up with pghwob and had the traditional Chinese food dinner (nothing says "Christmas" like a scallion pancake and orange soy protein). pghwob has very limited internet access, and, unfortunately, he didn't know that we weren't coming to the restaurant until 5:00. He got there at 4:00 and had already decided that we were no shows by the time we arrived. Oops.

He and lilostitch are both law-type folks, and I'd been meaning to introduce them forever. Much as I expected, they dissolved into talk of Law School and the DA's Office and whatnot.

Also, I gave everyone diseases for Christmas/Chanuka/Solstice/Whatever. lilostitch got Mono. sillylilboi got Gonorrhea. pghwob got Syphilis. BFunk got Athlete's Foot. Oh, and unixd0rk, who was not present, got a Yeast Infection. Good Times.
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Just returned home from the traditional Jewish Christmas celebration -- Chinese dinner -- with ratphooey, lurpy, Aubree, and Ernie.

First of all, the restaurant that we were supposed to go to was closed. Really closed, as in closed forever. Apparently yesterday was their last day. They couldn't hold out for one more day to make that big Christmas money? Who knows. ratphooey posits that they were deep in debt and closed today for fear of Vinnie Chang showing up and busting their kneecaps.

But we went to Hunan Kitchen, which is always a good choice, especially since I had a coupon for 50% of an entree. Merry Christmas! They were jam packed full of Christmas Jews and our 7:30 dinner became getting seated at 8:00 ish and getting served a little after 9:00. Still, it was a good way to end the day, and I found I didn't especially mind the wait.

Hipster was supposed to join us but instead hung out with another Jewish friend of his (who felt that Chinese food on Christmas was too traditional and thus was boycotting the idea). And I called Daryk, who I always think of on Christmas because of the wonderful one we spent together in 1995, lying on his floor and putting together a jigsaw puzzle. He said he was thinking of me too.

So I guess that's it. It's A Wonderful Life is on TV, which also makes me think of Christmas with Daryk, so I think I may log off and call him.

Oh, and love to The Hobo Ken, whoever you are, for sending me that wonderful CD and for reading my LiveJournal. One of these days I'll track you down and give you a big sloppy kiss.