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Ranty Rant Rant

This is not directed at any one specific person but rather at everybody I've ever freakin met:

Please don't ask me to have a party. I'm trying to cram a two bedroom apartment into a freakin Mazda -- do you seriously think I have time to organize a party?

For the folks who suggested a good long while ago that we have a party: If you organize it, I will show up. Provided I'm not already gone by the time you get around to having it, that is.

For everyone who wants to offer me a "break" by taking me out to lunch: I seriously don't have the time. Seriously. Do. Not. I refer you to my previous post if you think I'm exaggerating how much I have left to do. If you want to see me, how about bringing a pizza and some bubble wrap over to my place? My last day of work is Thursday. After that (aside from spending this coming Sat-Sun-Mon in Los Angeles), it's nothing but packing. Come over. HELP.

To everybody else who I owe emails or phone calls or whatever: I'm sorry. I really am. And I swear I haven't forgotten. Once this is all over and I have some down time, I promise to look at my teeming inbox and write back to y'all. But now is not that time.

I know I suck as a friend/coworker/person. But I'm completely overwhelmed right now and "offers" that involve me either 1.) spending time and energy planning, or 2.) wasting time that needs to be spent packing are not helpful suggestions. It's exhaustion/PMS/a nervous breakdown, but having people want my time when I don't even have any time for myself is making me want to break things.

38th birthday

Sleep Deprived Moment of the Day:

My favorite sleep deprived moment of the day:

I was talking to aaronbenedict on the phone sometime in the wee hours of the morning (and by "wee hours" I probably mean something along the lines of 11:00 am). I sneezed and said "gesundheit." He immediately apologized for not having said "gesundheit" first. It was only then that I realized that I had been the one who'd sneezed -- my brain had heard a sneeze and automatically said "gesundheit," without realizing that I was the one who had sneezed. It was enormously confusing at the time.
Antioch Homecoming 2007 4

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I'm home.

Someone stole my desk.

(Well, hopefully not. It was on the downstairs porch and I'm hoping that Catherine just moved it somewhere).

My bathrobe smells like hotel. I find that very soothing at the moment.

I can see myself in the crowd shots of today's Dayton Daily News article. Wish I'd remembered to grab a paper before I left town.

More once I've slept. Oh, and mad props to draw_in_yellow for keeping my cats happy, healthy and well-fed. Did you finally get the scaredy-cat to be friendly?
Antioch Homecoming 2007 4

Voice Post:

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“Hello. I'm on a bus going across the Puget Sound, maybe? Some large body of water in Washington state that's really quite blue and beautiful. It is 6:00 local time. I've been awake since ... I guess that would be 12:30 last night local time, 'cause I was up at ... or maybe 1:30 last night -- I dunno. I was up at 4:30 this morning Eastern time to be at my parents' house at 6:30 to meet the limo at 7:00 to be at the airport by I don't even know when. We schlepped from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis, made a brisk jog through the airport and then went from Minneapolis to Seattle. The hotel that we're staying at is in the far reaches of the suburbs. Like, the suburb that it's in has kind of a metropolitan downtown area and we're a good long ways away from there. So I took an hour and a half bus ride into Seattle today, spent like an hour there and I'm just so frickin' exhausted that I'm already heading back toward Bellevue. I'm thinking tomorrow I might just dump a giant pile of cash and take a cab because ... because it will be my only other day to explore here and this whole buses-from-the-outskirts thing is exhausting. I had to walk a mile to even get *to* the bus. And I have a sinking suspicion that when I get off the bus I'm gonna have another mile to walk tonight, so ... yaay! I dunno. There's a computer at the hotel and so at some later point I may sit down and actually type something, though for right now my priorities are eating and showering. Oh! And about 15 minutes ago, this bus was riding alongside a car with a vanity plate that said "OPIE."”

Transcribed by: hopita

What I thought was the Puget Sound was actually Lake Washington.