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Occupy Times Square

More info on yesterday's gig:

We filmed Season 13, Episode 15. It's not listed on the Law & Order: SVU IMDb page yet, though I'm sure it will appear soon. One of the PAs told me the name of the episode, but I've already forgotten what it was. Something Law & Order-sounding, for sure.

I'm in the scene where Harry Connick, Jr.'s character is speaking to the press. I was standing fairly close to him. Yes, he is very pretty.

More info (like air dates) when I have it (judging from the other episodes on the IMDb page, I would guess late February).

As always, hope to see me on TV, but expect me to get cut. No way of knowing which will happen until it airs.
Me at Birch

To Clarify One Point:

Re: This post:

I don't mind Andy Samberg getting two tickets for his parents. I didn't even mind Rita Wilson going up with a friend, as I'd heard her husband was on the show last night. Those four people were all on their way upstairs by 11:00 pm. As an added bonus, Rita Wilson was friendly and gracious to us nobodies huddled behind the ropes.

What I did mind was Alec Baldwin showing up with an elevator full of people five minutes before the show started. Though at least he was friendlier than Steve Martin, who snarked at one of the fans behind the ropes. Maybe he was just trying to be funny -- who knows. Either way, it's bad form when you're showing up with an entourage and taking seats away from people who slept out on the sidewalk all night to fucking snark at them.

And then after we're told that we're not getting in, and we're all filing out past security, the guard says to us "At least you got to see Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin." Ooh. Lucky us. We got to stand *this close* to the people who prevented us from getting in and seeing the show. It really cemented that feeling of being a peasant.

Eat The Rich. Fuck My Life.

For tonight's taping of Saturday Night Live, I had standby ticket #21, the lowest number I've had to date.

I didn't get in.

They let in THREE people. Three "huddled masses" type people, I mean. The woman with ticket #4 actually got in because her friend, who had ticket #3, most graciously gave up his spot so she could go upstairs. When I last saw the woman who had ticket #5, she was standing in the lobby of 30 Rock, sobbing.

Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin, Rita Wilson and Steve Martin all went upstairs with entourages, as did Seth Meyers' girlfriend and Andy Samberg's parents. And that's what I'd forgotten: for an iconic performer like Elton John, everybody and anybody was going to pull some strings and make some phone calls. Lots of people from the standby line got in to the dress rehearsal. Only three got in to the live show.

I'm feeling more than a little pissed at the rich and entitled right now. Lots of things have served to reinforce it too. The dude in the subway station who apparently felt that his backpack was more entitled to a seat on the bench than any of the actual humans milling around. Or how about Charlie Sheen and his US tour of arrogance, who, when booed off the stage in Detroit, told the audience "Already got your fucking money, dude!". Though I suppose nothing beats the executives of the company who own the oil rig at the center of the Gulf Coast oil spill giving themselves bonuses for "the best year in safety performance in our company’s history".

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, holzman has issued a plea for folks to buy items from a friend of his who is facing financial ruin (lady steampunks, take note), and the best news of my day was that I've been deemed eligible for the Emergency Unemployment Compensation extension -- hooray! Four more months of food! Just what I wanted!

Urg. Among the many things that I dislike about New York, the incredibly visible chasm between the Haves and the Have Nots is ranking high on my list these days.
Me at Birch

Massive (Celebrity!) Photo Dump.

Good morning cats and kittens. aaronbenedict is on his way to Philadelphia right now (yes, I am sad to not be joining him) which means that I have nothing to do during the time that I usually spend talking to him. So ta da! -- I will finally be uploading all of those pictures from Saturday:

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It's now 10:35 pm and I'm finally done. Phew!