Hopita (hopita) wrote,


And now is the portion of our evening where I will commence to mix some old pain killers with some new alcohol and will shortly be reduced to a puddle on the floor. Yes, I've done this a million times before so no, you needn't worry about any accidents. When it comes to self-destructive drinking and drugging, I'm an old pro.

Evening plans with n0thingman got quashed thanks to his mom; talking with lurpy got nixed because he got sick again. unixd0rk was online but disappeared with nary a word, which is, I suspect, yet another sign that I need to learn how to fend for myself one of these days. And a big shout out to Monica who reappeared right when I needed her most, as she always seems able to do. Apologies that I was too drunk to drive out to the suburbs.

Somebody call me, please?
Tags: alcohol, depression, drugs, heartbreak, loneliness, lurpy, orange mike, queenama, unixd0rk
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