Hopita (hopita) wrote,

In my continuing quest for complete disclosure ...

Things went into the crapper. And, as LiveJournal figured into the conversation (albeit only slightly), I won't rely on posting the entire pathetic little story here.

Suffice it to say, I have patterns. I repeat patterns. It must be why I like needlepoint (bad joke. Sorry). I seem to keep having relationships with people who aren't having relationships with me. Anyone else noticed that? H.W.S.R.N.? How about Hipster? n0thingman? Anyone else remember all of those non-relationships? Yea, I do.

So fuck it all. I bought smokes, and I bought alcohol, and today I plan to wallow (so far, so good). Anyone who wants to drop by and rub my head while I lie on the floor is hereby invited and welcome. I drove unixd0rk to work and drove erratically and haphazardly, so methinks the time for driving today is over (as Hipster will tell you, generally speaking, I'm an excellent driver -- ha).
Tags: h.w.s.r.n., heartbreak, hipster, orange mike, relationships, smoking, unixd0rk

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