Hopita (hopita) wrote,

giddy & goofy

So what are the etiquette rules when it comes to wanting to write about someone in your LJ when you know that they read your LJ?

Oh, screw it. He kissed me. Or, I suppose, technically I kissed him. It doesn't matter. Well, it does ... I mean ... oh, what the hell do I mean? I don't know. I'm sick and sleep deprived and need to get ready for work and I just don't even care because he kissed me.

OK. I think I'm maybe possibly perhaps done being a dork for now.

In other news, germane is coming to town today, so of course I have to work. He talked about at least stopping by The Co-op for lunch so I could see him and say howdy. Hell, it's not like we've seen each other since ... 1995? Is that really possible?

unixd0rk gave me a quarter so I wouldn't smoke. It really was sweet, actually. We were at Tavia's gallery and everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was smoking and I just kind of hid in a scary little darkened corner and unixd0rk went back over to the crowd and explained to them that I was trying to quit and it was really quite sweet.

OK. Going to get ready for work now.
Tags: eefc, germane, happiness, kissing, smoking, tavia, unixd0rk

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