Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Bedtime musings

Things I did right today:

+ Gave We Can't All Be my leftover cigarettes. Now my home is bare of smoking materials (aside from a half-smoked clove cigarette that's been in my freezer for months and really belongs in the trash).

+ Followed the advice of unixd0rk and went to Quiet Storm for a spinach salad wrap when that's what I was craving. Giving myself whatever the fuck I want (aside from cigarettes, obviously) is pretty wise, I think.

+ Talked to unixd0rk, to The Hobo Ken, and to lurpy, and was as open and honest about my feelings as I could find the words to be. Among other things, doing this seems to have eased the anger between The Hobo Ken and Me. I'm not so mad at him anymore, and I feel like he maybe has a better understanding of why his charade hurt my feelings.

Things I did that feel neither right nor wrong:

+ Ate my own weight in Tic Tacs, lollipops, and toothpicks

+ Took some leftover painkillers so I could sleep soundly and soon. And now I feel loopy and tingly and I think it may be time to lie down and call today over.

And hey -- can someone teach me how to add that quitmeter thing to my user info page?
Tags: avi, jim isler, lurpy, quiet storm, sleep, smoking, unixd0rk

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