Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Hobo Ken: I know who you are

I think I learned the identity of my stalker tonight ("Stalker?" "Secret admirer?" Whatever). He had said that he knew one of the board members at The East End Food Co-op, and tonight, I think I finally asked the right board member.

Now here's the thing: this guy is someone that I went to college with, and I always got the distinct impression that he didn't especially like me. Even though we worked together (same major), I always felt like he and his girlfriend found me annoying (at best). He's certainly never anyone I would have pegged for tracking me down and sending me gifts some fifteen years later. Weird.

Here's hoping that I see him online tomorrow, because hoo boy have I got some questions to ask.

As for the rest of my life, the check bouncing man didn't show up for his groceries today (big surprise), and Nick had to put them all away (if you knew Nick, you would understand why that was so funny ... Nick is surly and grumpy without having to put away two shopping carts full of crap first thing in the morning).

And now I have two days off and nothing to do, because Tuesday and Wednesday are highly impractical days to have off. But I have plans with unixd0rk for Thursday night after work, and this makes me happy.

Also, the most frequent question I get about the henna tattoo on my hand has changed from "did you go to a wedding?" or "is that permanent?" to "did Maria do that?" which I find amusing.

And n0thingman, I've been thinking about you. How's your vacation going? Are we having fun yet?
Tags: antioch, avi, crime, eefc, henna, maria, nick r., orange mike, unixd0rk

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