Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Random thoughts that are keeping me awake

Or, perhaps more accurately, distracting me from sleep:

* Thoughts about my ex in Chicago. You know, the one for whom BDSM is a lifestyle, not a hobby.

* Thinking about a poem that my (evil) ex-roommate wrote about a car accident that I was in when I was 19, and about the man who was killed in that accident. rawdolphin, you may remember the line that still echoes in my head: "In this matter of moving forward, it seems he got there first."

* Thinking about one of the biggest reasons that I love my job: namely, the random people from my life who inevitably end up in my checkout line. Today I saw Amiena, a woman named Donna (Dunna?) who is the sister of a guy I barely knew in grade school (ratphooey: how weird is it to be 34 years old and have some woman you've never spoken to before ask "Did you go to Falk?"), and, the best surprise of all, Heather! Heather, my old friend from Youth Cry. Heather, who I haven't seen since 1988 or thereabouts. Heather.

* Thinking about the week ahead. The thing I'm looking forward to: Going to Unblurred on Friday with unixd0rk. The thing I'm not especially looking forward to: Taking Jacob and Tino to the vet on Wednesday (trying to cage two 18 pound cats is a sure way to end up clawed and bloody).

* And hey, on a random note of still more bad behavior, Hipster emailed me the other day and casually mentioned that he gave the two hits of acid he had promised to me to Zocks instead. Zocks, who doesn't even like acid. Thanks a lot, Hipster.
Tags: acid, amiena, cats, daryk, dates, drugs, eefc, falk, friends, heather, hipster, insomnia, jacob, ratphooey, sex, soniczev, the van accident, tino, unblurred, unixd0rk, vulgarweed, youth cry

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