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Hello again one and all.

As promised, I wanted to write at least a little bit about all of the things that went on this weekend but didn't get written about.

On Friday evening, Monica called. I thought she was responding to the "let's hang out" email that I sent out to about a half dozen people when I found out I'd have some actual weekend time off, but actually, it was just random good luck that she called. She invited me out to her father's house for dinner.

We ate noodles and latkes and watched Amelie, a movie that I'd always wanted to see but never quite gotten around to. We also drank vodka, and she drank quite a bit more than I did (as I was still recovering from Thursday night with Zocks).

Among other things, I got her to call n0thingman and try to resolve the bass situation that's been a bone of contention between them for years now. We also spent a good long time talking about fucking boys with strap-ons. Oh, and at some point in the wee hours, she called her girlfriend in Paris and put me on the phone with her. I apparently remember none of the French that I learned in high school.

Saturday day it was back to the city for my lunch with unixd0rk at Quiet Storm. unixd0rk and I have talked online a good bit, and met face to face on a few very brief occasions, but this was our first chance to sit down across a table from one another and really talk. It was a great time. You know that thing when you're just getting to know someone but yet it's so comfortable and relaxed that you feel like you've known each other for years? Yea, that thing. It's a rare gift, and I'm always so pleased when it happens.

We talked about ... well, gosh, lots of things. Mad Magazine leaps to mind, as do The Simpsons, doctors, ginger Altoids, and a traumatic car ride he once experienced. There were tales of exes, and old friends, and a show and tell portion involving fortune cookie fortunes and photographs of people that he doesn't know. And toward the end, a random man walked past and declared "You two have been sitting here since the last time I walked by -- it must be a meeting of the minds!" I dug that.

Our lunch was in part a celebratory thing for an interview he had the day before that apparently went pretty well. One of the great joys for me of finally having a decent job is that I can do things like take my friends out and buy them lunch -- it felt really great to be able to do that.

I sort of did that with Zocks on Thursday, though that was more the bar thing (you know, he buys a round, then I buy a round, and so on, and so forth). And speaking of Zocks, on Thursday night he told me about an online message board that he'd been using as sort of a personal blog, and last night I looked it up. Wow. Hipster could not be more wrong when he says that Zocks needs a new girlfriend. What Zocks needs is to mourn for the relationship that just ended, and to have friends who aren't jerks and are willing to sit and listen to him when he needs to talk it through. I intend to be one of those friends. The next time I see him, I plan on telling him that I read what he wrote online, and hope* that the conversation will evolve from there.

So unixd0rk, I was thinking about you at work tonight. Shouldn't your ginger reserves be running low about now?

*note to n0thingman: I didn't have to say "I mike" because I didn't say "I hope" -- I just said "hope."
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