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My broken heart is under the microscope

OK, the weekend.

Yea, Thursday night with Zocks (formerly known as "Hipster's Best Friend," or "H.B.F.") was intense for me. I never expected to see him at all that day, let alone have him spend the night in my bed. It was the first time we ever did anything alone together, without Hipster being involved. We manifested Christopher Walken and "The Continental."

Ever since I'd first met Zocks I'd liked him -- yes, liked him -- and just never allowed myself to admit it because he was, well, Hipster's Best Friend, for crying out loud. Thursday night I let myself become open to that possibility. I'm paying for it now.

So I'll share the specifics --

Last night, I went out with Hipster, his girlfriend (herxsentences? I think maybe yes, but I'm not sure), and Zocks. When I arrived at Hipster's house to pick him and his girlfriend up, they weren't there. Typical. Typical of Hipster and his bad behavior. So I called Zocks. Turns out they were all three together at Hipster's Girlfriend's house, so I headed thataway.

We went to Dee's on the South Side and Zocks was definitely not acting the way I was feeling, as in, he didn't seem especially glad or eager to see me or talk to me. Not rude, just not ... I don't know, interested, I suppose. Ruthi's boyfriend was at Dee's, and, for what it's worth, he was much more flirty with me than Zocks was. But the upshot is that this bummed me out, and I started slamming back the 7&7s, and was hammered in pretty short order.

After Dee's closed we went to Tom's Diner. The best moment of that miserable experience was when Zocks found the Chimp Mint I had slipped into his pocket. Hipster knew I'd done it and Zocks' "What the hell is this?" was really quite funny.

The consequence of that series of bad decisions was that today was my first day working at The Co-op hungover. The first few hours sucked ass, but by the end, I was once again feeling lucky to work in such a great place. My coworkers are definitely becoming my friends, and made me feel so much better about the whole thing. Joe insists that yes, it was a date, and when I showed Lindsay a picture of me and Hipster and Zocks, she told me that she thinks that either Hipster or Zocks used to go to goth night at some club and swear that his name was "Freedom" or "Liberty" or something equally hokey.

This post is all over the map. Apologies if I'm giving any of my readers a migraine. And apologies to Monica, and to unixd0rk, because I spent some quality time with each of them this weekend, and I really do mean to write about that, and not just the petty dramas of my all-too-easily broken heart. unixd0rk, the next post is all about you, Babycakes. About what a great time I had with you yesterday, and about how wonderful I think it is that you and I seem to be becoming fast friends in a really comfortable and relaxed kind of way. I think you're the shiznit. The vegan shiznit, no less.


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Feb. 21st, 2005 04:21 pm (UTC)
I am so glad you have such nice coworkers!
Feb. 27th, 2005 05:52 pm (UTC)
heehee did you add me to yer friends list because you think im someones girlfriend?
Feb. 28th, 2005 01:15 am (UTC)
I did, although after reading your journal, I realize that you're not her. Your picture really does look like her, however. And I know that you know him, because I found your journal by way of the email addresses on a mass email that he sent out a month or so ago.
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