Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Was that a date?

So last night I went out with Hipster's Best Friend. I was at work, minding my own business, when he called ... called him back on my lunch break and we made plans to go out for drinks when I got off of work. The BBT led to Gooski's (we missed the free cigarettes at BBT but got some at Gooski's -- and after 1:00 am, no less -- very random), and finally back to my place, where he spent the night (yes, curled up together, and no, not schtupping).

So, um, was that a date? Did I actually go out on a date with Hipster's Best Friend?

As I told n0thingman, the one thought that reassures me is that, as Hipster's Best Friend, it would be his job, not mine, to tell Hipster if something actually happened between us. Right?

Oh, how delightfully confusing.
Tags: alcohol, dates, eefc, gooski's, hipster, orange mike, soniczev

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