Hopita (hopita) wrote,

What a freakin' day.

I found out this morning that my Great Aunt Ruthie died. And we're not going to the funeral, which sucks. Yes, it's in Chicago, but still.

I got to know Ruthie when I was living in Chicago. She was partnered with this great guy, Sol, aka "The Judge" (yes, he was in fact a Judge), and the two of them were hysterical together -- like George and Gracie. They took me out to dinner a few times and we had many laughs. I'm glad I had those times with them.

Anyway, then I went to work, and work at The Co-op was intense. We were crazy busy, the produce truck was a day late, and we got our breaks about an hour later than usual. Good times.

But now I'm home and there's a new Saturday Night Live on tonight, so that's good news.

So it looks like I'm going to have Tuesday and Wednesday off again -- who wants to hang out with me?
Tags: aunt ruthie, chicago, eefc, family, snl

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