Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Hey all.

As you may have noticed, I lost my Antioch class ring this week, which is still majorly bumming me out. I retraced my steps, I posted signs ... and the only reply I got was from some creep ... some random guy left a message on my machine saying something like "you will be contacted with further instructions. If you want to see your ring again, you will follow these instructions ..." I traced the call, and I haven't heard back from him.

So today I bummed around ... last appointment with my gynecologist (she's leaving the field and alluded to being fed up with dealing with insurance companies as part of the reason why -- and what a fucked up reason for the world to lose a really good doctor), then went to The Co-op to get a beet to leave on H.W.S.R.N.'s doorstep (those of you who have read Jitterbug Perfume will get the reference -- as, hopefully, will H.W.S.R.N.) ... Nick and Vema had a fun time with that, singing "She's got the beet, she's got the beet, she's got the beet ..." a la Go Go's -- good times.

So I left the beet and headed to Quiet Storm, though there was no one there I wanted to hang with. No Jim, no Monica (she was supposed to meet me yesterday -- finally -- but never materialized), no Fuzzy Wobbly, even (though he was at The Co-op when I dropped in. I would've said hello but he was busy) ... in the end, I went to see Sideways at the Squirrel Hill Theater, which made me think of Santa Dan. I should send him an email.

So where are you? Where are all of my boys? n0thingman is working himself to death, H.W.S.R.N. is taking an EMT course, Hipster has apparently evaporated into thin air ...

Blargh. I need more friends. And friends with schedules as wacky and random as mine is.
Tags: antioch, books, class ring, doctors, eefc, friends, h.w.s.r.n., hipster, jim isler, movies, nick r., orange mike, pghwob, planetjupiter, queenama, quiet storm, vema

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