Hopita (hopita) wrote,

So the glitter letter worked - H.W.S.R.N. called last night and we're getting together Friday night (it's the full moon; it seemed appropriate).

So today ... well, first, I thought I smelled gas when I got up this morning. I checked all the pilots on the stove, and, when I found nothing, I left the windows open and went to work. But I also thought that a gas leak would certainly explain why I've been having headaches all week now, so on my lunch break, I went out and dropped $40 on a carbon monoxide detector. It's plugged in now and not screaming, so I'm gonna take that as a good sign.

After work I swam, then went to the folks' house and took out their trash, then came home and took out MY trash. Grandma called asking about money again, but this time I finally found out why: her nurses switched days this week, which means I need to change their checks, which means I need to talk to my Mom. I called my parents' hotel and left a message, but she's not called back yet.

So now I'm trying to just take a moment to chill, pay a tiny bit of attention to The West Wing, and check my email.

As a non-sequitur, how do you do things like italics on LiveJournal? I don't get it.
Tags: dad, dates, grandma, h.w.s.r.n., mom, swimming, tv

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