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Weekend excitement

It was so amusing to me to read what a dull and uneventful weekend so many of my LJ friends had.

Mine was anything but.

Late Friday night Hipster called, and, after a short while, invited me to his house to hang out. "Hanging out" quickly became eating DXM and lying on his floor, stoned out of our minds. We went to sleep sometime around 8 am (after an hour or two of negotiations because he wanted to do more drugs and I was undecided).

I spent Saturday day there, hanging out, eating tomato sandwiches, and watching Sonic-Youth videos. I was supposed to be driving H.W.S.R.N. to a party later that night (George's "80s Winter Wonderland" costume holiday party), and H.W.S.R.N. called at around 5 pm saying that he was actually in the same neighborhood that Hipster lives in (note: he did not know that I was at Hipster's house at the time), so I invited him over.

Let's just pause and picture that for a moment: H.W.S.R.N., the man who broke my heart in October, is on his way to Hipster's house -- Hipster being the man that I rebounded with.

Um, yea.

But here's the beauty of the men that I love: Within a half an hour of being there, the two of them were fast friends and were getting along famously. So famously, in fact, that H.W.S.R.N. came along to help me give Hipster's car a jump.

And then H.W.S.R.N. broke Hipster's car.

Yup. The connector to the battery was loose and he tried to tighten it. The first time wasn't tight enough and the second time ... SNAP!

I bust out laughing, and Hipster looked very sheepish ... so we offered to ride him to the party.

Ah, the party ...

The party started out great. H.W.S.R.N., _ikeware, anjeelou, lurpy and I were all shrooming. First time in a very long time. We picked up anjeelou from work, ate our little baggies-full in the car, then headed upstairs ... and had much enjoyment. There were lots of pretty lights, lots of silly people (great moments in tripping history: David, asking "Are you OK?" and then "what happens if I do THIS?" accompanied by many flapping arms and flittering fingers) ... _ikeware reminded me today that far from us causing mass destruction at George's house, when somebody managed to lose Ruthie's African Gray Parrot in the crowded, crowded kitchen, it was actually US, the giant circle of tripping people, who rescued the bird. It was a great groove.

Other highlights: Hallucinating dreidels all over _ikeware's face (his response: "Which side is up?" I couldn't tell for sure, but I think it may've been gimel) ... lurpy, trying to run from the couch as George came lip synching toward us, only I was holding on to the back of lurpy's shirt, which he somehow didn't realize, so as quickly as he stood up, he came crashing right back to his seat on the couch ... and this was after the George/Annie Lennox/lip synch/dragfest, which lurpy and I watched with H.W.S.R.N. sitting on our laps and being silly ...

And that's it really. The best part, the best moment, was right there ... sitting with H.W.S.R.N., realizing that he'd just met all of my friends that he'd never met before and was getting along with them all, and seeing Hipster standing across the room and being so happy that not only was H.W.S.R.N. getting along with him, but I was getting along with him again too ... I was just so happy, seeing so many people that I loved all together, all getting along ...

And then it all went to shit.

Remember Eyeballs and Go-Go Boots? Yea, well, Eyeballs freaked out. The first I remember was that he came up to me in the living room and started dancing with me, which quickly turned into feeling me up. I kept seeing _ikeware standing over his shoulder, mouthing "Are you OK?" and "Do you need help?" but really, I was fine. I mean, Eyeballs is a goofball, but I trust him, and it was just striking me as one of those oddball things that he's known to do, and making me laugh (well, until his hands went from being up my shirt to heading down my pants -- then I put an end to it). Of course, this whole moment ended when Go-Go Boots jumped on top of some other woman and sent a whole bunch of stuff crashing down the stairs ... Eyeballs went to help clean up the mess and I headed for the relative safety of the kitchen.

I hung in the kitchen with some other members of the shrooming posse and soon enough, the noises from the other room grew in anger-level and intensity. From what I've heard, Eyeballs punched some guy and the guy punched him back -- I don't really know. I also heard that Go-Go Boots was upset because Eyeballs was hitting on and/or touching other women (um, yea, that would be me), and I was concerned about that, and about my involvement in that situation.

But things seemed to calm down, and a short while later, I heard that they were leaving, and headed down the stairs to say goodbye. I got outside and found David, searching for Eyeballs and Go-Go Boots. A short while later, they were discovered, making out in the alleyway a la Sid & Nancy. How very. They seemed to come along peacefully, but just as quickly the mood turned and Eyeballs was punching the windows on a parked car (which thankfully did not break). Then they were inside and David was showing me the large knife that Eyeballs had brought with him to the party and asking what the fuck to do with it. We went to my car and got some duct tape and taped it to the inside of his coat, hoping that Eyeballs would not discover it there.

The house door opens and I hear Eyeballs SCREAMING "I'm Blind! I'm Blind!" Word spreads pretty fast that Eyeballs has lost his glasses and that we NEED to find them so that they can fucking leave George's house and the mayhem can STOP. I get the flashlight out of my car and David and I head into the alley, searching (great little moment: when I was crawling around on the ground, looking under parked cars and David declared "Hey -- you're wearing leg warmers!").

In the end, everyone ended up yelling at everyone else and leaving. Oh, and the glasses that we spent several hours trying to find? They were in Go-Go Boots' bra the whole fucking time.

So H.W.S.R.N. and I drove Hipster home, then came back here and crashed. He questioned why I allowed myself to get involved in all of the drama, and said, among other things, that it probably wasn't a good idea for my own fragile emotional state.

Then we sat around cracked out the next day and watched football and drank tea. And I went to sleep last night thinking that it was the first night I'd slept alone in a little while.

So yea. It was an event.
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