Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Mmmm, creepy ...

Tonight after work I had to go to the CVS to pick up a prescription. There was only one pharmacist on duty, and he was swamped, so I ended up standing at the counter for quite a while.

I was bored and leaning on the counter when a man came up next to me and smacked his purchase down loudly enough on the counter that I turned my head and looked: a "Party Pack" of condoms. I wondered why he was at the pharmacy counter rather than at the less busy counter up front, but OK, whatever.

So we stand there and we wait and, as I pick up my keys, he looks me in the eye -- a long, meaningful -- and, might I add, bloodshot -- look that says "hey, Baby." Then he slides the condoms closer to me.

I got out of there like a scared rabbit.
Tags: perverts, randomness

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