Hopita (hopita) wrote,

So I ended up in the hospital again ...

Yep yep. End of the day farming at Healcrest Community Farm and I stepped on a rusty nail -- went clean through my shoe and right into my foot. Big fun. Riccardo took me to the hospital and they gave me a tetanus shot, a pain shot and a cane. Three fucking hours. But at least Duck Soup was on the TV in the waiting room -- the scene with Harpo as the mirror is timeless.

Then Riccardo took me to CVS where we filled prescriptions and bought cigarettes. Eight days as a non-smoker down the tubes. Like I told Riccardo, I'm a pussy when it comes to pain.

Then home where Maria and Steffany had saved us each a huge heaping plateful of food -- vegetables and pasta and cheese and potatoes and bread and pesto -- I always eat so well at that house. They actually sent me home with a loaf of bread, as a matter of fact.

So now I'm hobbling but better (healing? Or the pain shot?), and I plan on taking the cane to Vince's protest tomorrow -- whether I need it or not -- so that if they start hauling people off to jail, maybe they'll take pity on me and let me go home.

Hope everyone else is having a better weekend than I am.
Tags: healcrest, hospital, injury, maria, movies, protests, ricardo, smoking, steffany, vince
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