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X-posted from my facebook:

So my day: I requested today off from work because I was invited to a conference, only I got uninvited (apparently the conference overbooked). Since I had already been approved to take the day off, I figured I'd *finally* go see a doctor. After making me wait for an hour, the receptionist calls me over and says they can't see me because my insurance has a high deductible. Bear in mind this doctor is *in* network, meaning they've signed contracts with said insurance company. She says I can call my insurance company, but that she's been on the phone with them for the last hour, so it'll be a while. I call and am talking with someone within 5 minutes. The insurance rep says that's ridiculous and asks to speak with the receptionist. Five minutes later the receptionist hands me the phone back and the insurance rep says that while I am 100% in the right, the doctor is still apparently going to deny me service. The insurance rep gives me the name and phone number of another doc in the area. Nevermind that I have no idea *when* I'm going to find time to make another appointment, but I call anyway. It's the wrong number. They've never heard of this doctor. I say fuck it and go see a movie. When I come home, I look up that doctor on my insurance company's online provider list. Yep, I wrote the number down correctly. I try to call the insurance company back. They're closed.

Ah well. Guess I didn't really need medical attention anyway.


Oct. 27th, 2012 02:47 pm (UTC)
I filled it out, although it seemed like it was more for complaining about the insurance company than the doctors' office. I mean, it wasn't the insurance carrier who denied me treatment -- they tried to convince the doctor to uphold their contract.

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