Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Killing time in the Olive Kettering Library at Antioch College, waiting for the C-Shop to open, because I didn't want to go to wherever-it-was with the elder alums. I've been hanging out with caelidh and Mark, doing work in Antiochiana and mostly just listening to Scott, the Archivist, talk about stuff. It's a good way to spend a day. Zann arrived this evening, and I tried to go swimming, but someone locked the keys inside the pool. D'oh. caelidh and I went to some suburban Kroger's this afternoon, where I was delighted by being given "I've been Krogering" stickers -- since when is "Kroger" a verb? At any rate, we got lots of ridiculous things to send to antiochbitch's friend Jimmy-Ben through the student mailroom. Summer Romance Horoscopes anyone?

I was not happy to see that m00nshadow's Free Box is gone, apparently torched by some bored townie. Damn near set the Bookstore on fire too.

Damn kids ...
Tags: antioch, antiochbitch, caelidh, crime, m00nshadow, mark and susan, meswanholm, scott sanders, swimming, zannavery

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