Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Best. Idea. Ever.

OMG I just figured out how to do sketch comedy writing classes and still have a life: Write stuff ahead of time! Through all my other classes, I'd been waiting for the assignments, and then frantically cranking out the work each week while trying to look for a job, hang out with friends, do whatever else needed doing, etc. Yesterday, it finally dawns on me that when I have an idea I should just sit down and crank out a first draft -- doesn't have to be perfect, or even complete, but just to have it written. Then, when I get an assignment, viola! I don't have to reinvent the wheel. I can just do the much less time consuming task of rewriting something that I already took the first swing at. OMG why didn't I think of this before? I've already got two out of three ideas written, and I think they're both funny to boot. Class doesn't even start until tomorrow and I'm already prepared through the first three weeks. How awesome is that?
Tags: classes, upright citizens brigade
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