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"When you pray, move your feet"

Oh dear.

I've committed myself to participating in therealljidol and already I want to bail. See, the very first topic is "When you pray, move your feet." Now, I understand that this is a proverb and that it shouldn't necessarily be taken literally, but ... ugh. I've been single for a little more than two weeks now and one of the great things about no longer dating a religious person is that I can shovel all of that God-type-stuff right out the door. This morning (as an example) I realized that I no longer had to keep my iTunes crammed full of Matisyahu. I am now free to admit that when I hear him say "the eventual building up of the third temple that we're waiting for," my gut reaction is "are you SERIOUS?!? You really take that crap LITERALLY?!?"

So when I pray ... well, I don't. And when I hear other people talk about praying I think that they're mentally ill. It's mythology, people. It's not real. And when you indoctrinate your children to believe that it is real (like I'm sure all those wig-wearing, baby-bearing, Orthodox ladies that I see at Target are busy doing), in my opinion it's a form of child abuse. You're teaching your children to waste their lives by focusing on a bunch of arbitrary and ridiculous rules designed to keep some invisible boogeyman in the sky happy. The fact that otherwise intelligent (I'm looking at you, Dr. Sharon Moalem) people fall prey to this superstition just boggles my mind.

So move your feet, sure. But pray? Thanks, but no thanks.


Oct. 18th, 2011 11:24 pm (UTC)
Since I'm watching this contest for the first time, and from a dummy/game account, I said I wasn't going to comment on entries and then...well, should have known, because I can never shut up about stuff like this.

The thing, to me, about writing about a really hot button viewpoint is that you're either preaching to the choir or there's the burden of your opinion - not converting your audience, but convincing them to entertain your view as worth their time. You're showing about as much knowledge of the wide, wide range of religious belief and practice in the world as you are of the wide range of mental illnesses. Meanwhile, I have no idea why you'd not consider even slightly deviating from the most traditional interpretation of the quote.

If there's a reason what other people do regarding this topic sparks so much anger in you, maybe you should write about that. Otherwise I'm not really sure why I shouldn't write you off as ableist and bigoted the same way you've written off most of the world as abusive and insane.

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