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Writer's Block: Riddle me this

What is something that just doesn't make sense to you?
When women participate in their own subjugation. I see women on TV play stupid and wear next to nothing and allow themselves to be paraded around as ornamentation, only existing for the excitation and pleasure of the male viewer. How does a woman apply for a job at Hooters when she knows that the exchange for the tips and paycheck is her dignity? How do the stars of the new Playboy TV show handle knowing that the men they parade around in front of think of them as something less than human, an "entertainment item," to be used and then discarded. How did the real life "bunnies" deal with that? I actually knew a woman who was a former Playboy Restaurant Bunny, back when I lived in Chicago. She became a junkie and a prostitute, and died from AIDS in the late-90s. She gave me a small box of her earrings, which I still have. She was warm and kind, but always very, very sad.

Try as I might to wrap my head around it, it just makes no sense to me when women are active participants in their own subjugation and degradation.


Sep. 24th, 2011 08:06 pm (UTC)
in my simple analysis..
Because like men, women are given the freedom of choice despite the fact they know they have given up something important and despite the fact they be treated as a commodity. The exchange is too high for them to disregard (good pay, popularity etc.). Not a good thing but for this moment, they feel they acquired something important and that matters..

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