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OK, let's talk about Philly.

Yesterday, while waiting for class, I got to talking to Darryl. Darryl is one of my classmates, and Darryl commutes to NYC from Philly every week on the MegaBus. "Tell me why I should move to Philly," I said, and we got to talking about cheaper rent and yummy pretzels. "Do you guys live in Philly?" asked a man who'd sat down behind us. Turns out he does too. And once he chimed in, a woman sitting across the room piped up that she also lives in Philly (well, Exton). Three people, taking Monday evening classes at UCB, all commuting from Philly.

Suddenly this idea didn't seem so wacky anymore.

So talk it up people: Should I move to Philly? If so, where in Philly? Where should I be looking to live? Where should I be looking for work? What's a fair price to pay for rent? My current lease is up on October 1, so whatever I end up doing, I need to be doing it by then (it's worth noting that what I could end up doing is begging my building's management company to let me stay for an extra month, although I would still be needing to make a decision about what to do after that).

Philadelphians: Hook me up!


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Aug. 3rd, 2011 03:17 pm (UTC)
I've never been to Philly before...is it anywhere near your folks? You seemed concerned about your options with regards to your parents and them needing you...just saying.
How long of a commute is it from Philly to NYC and is it expensive? See, I don't know things any more with living in the UK. Travelling here is more time consuming, that's a fact!
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