Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Stressed Out Mommy.

Tino had surgery today. Nothing super major -- he had some cysts on his lip which were removed and are being biopsied. He's home now and I'm a stress bucket. He's got one of those awful e collars on, which he hates (of course). There's been some blood and I've already called the vet once, though it sounds like the amount of blood was pretty normal (normal, schmormal, it scared the fuck out of me). I can't seem to stop checking on him, though at least I've gone from following him around to checking on him every five minutes to now checking on him every 15 - 20 minutes. Tino, meanwhile, has managed to cram himself under the bed, which is where he seems to want to stay. But holy fuck am I being a worried mom. I was going to go to register myself with Central Casting tomorrow and now I'm second guessing it. I think what will likely happen is that I will go and register but then I'll immediately come back home. My poor little baby.
Tags: cats, hospital, illness, links, stress, tino, worry

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