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I don't mind Andy Samberg getting two tickets for his parents. I didn't even mind Rita Wilson going up with a friend, as I'd heard her husband was on the show last night. Those four people were all on their way upstairs by 11:00 pm. As an added bonus, Rita Wilson was friendly and gracious to us nobodies huddled behind the ropes.

What I did mind was Alec Baldwin showing up with an elevator full of people five minutes before the show started. Though at least he was friendlier than Steve Martin, who snarked at one of the fans behind the ropes. Maybe he was just trying to be funny -- who knows. Either way, it's bad form when you're showing up with an entourage and taking seats away from people who slept out on the sidewalk all night to fucking snark at them.

And then after we're told that we're not getting in, and we're all filing out past security, the guard says to us "At least you got to see Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin." Ooh. Lucky us. We got to stand *this close* to the people who prevented us from getting in and seeing the show. It really cemented that feeling of being a peasant.
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