Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Thinking Out Loud.

Wouldn't it be cool to start a foundation encouraging non-wealthy folks to use their money for other non-wealthy folks, as opposed to handing it over to people who can't even spend what they've already got? Things like on the page opposite an ad for tickets to Charlie Sheen's Masturbatory Tour, running an ad saying "Rather than giving Charlie Sheen another $20 (and something tells me tickets were probably more than $20), why not give that same $20 to [our organization], where we will use it to help other non-billionaires to buy food, pay for medicine, etc." Of course, the first thing that would happen is that we'd get sued by Charlie Sheen's tour promoters. And if we used the money to buy medicine, we'd just be aiding in further lining the pockets of big pharma (USA! Where one in five people don't fill their prescriptions because they can't afford to!). But I still really like the idea of encouraging people to give money to each other, rather than handing more and more to the super rich.
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