Hopita (hopita) wrote,

we all fall down

And then I split in two.

Most of yesterday was spent Freaking The Hell Out. By email, by telephone ... several people got distressed or distressing messages from me. Mark Swanholm showed what a decent guy he is by talking to me for a good, long while, even though he was at work. But the mad props go to zostrianos who got a screaming, hysterical phone call from me not once but twice, and who was a total stand up guy about it both times ... just talked to me, chatted -- didn't do that condescending thing (a major pet peeve of mine) where people say "don't cry" or "shhh" when you're crying (or, worse, "it's OK," like THAT were even possible. "Yo, asshat, I'm crying. "It" may be many things; "OK" is not one of them." However, I digress.) I actually made a very late night call to Paris and glory, hallelujah, MONICA JUST CALLED ME BACK. OK, so we only got to talk for a few minutes, but gah, what a great surprise that was.

zostrianos and I went to see Patti Smith at the Three Rivers Arts Festival last night. She was superb, as always, although I found myself kinda bummed out that she didn't do "Frederick". And then I ended up going to see a performance by Steve Pellegrino, my ex-landlord, which was chock full of accordion music, among other things. In hindsight, I shoulda just gone home after Patti Smith.

And perhaps playing in the fountain at PPG Plaza was not the wisest move in terms of my brewing sickness ...
Tags: crying, freaking out, h.w.s.r.n., mark and susan, meswanholm, music, patti smith, queenama, steve pellegrino, zostrianos

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