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US vs. Them.

Inspired by another recently injured friend's recent post:

My recent visit to a Czech hospital? Cost 372Kč, or about $20.89 USD. And that was actually just for the crutches -- they didn't charge me for the visit, and didn't ask me for my address, so I'm guessing I'm not likely to receive a bill.

They told me to follow up with my doctor in the US, which won't be happening for reasons of money and insurance. For those unfamiliar with the specifics, I have (at my Mother's insistence) insurance via COBRA via my job at The Co-op in Pittsburgh. Said insurance is UPMC insurance, and "UPMC" stands for "University of Pittsburgh Medical Center." Now for the fun part: Being Pittsburgh-based, said insurance only covers doctors in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, none of which I can drive to in the current state of my ankle. In New York I can use my insurance to fill prescriptions or to go to an emergency room. Emergency room visits, however, have a $100 copay.

How much did I spend to go to the hospital in Prague? Oh yea -- nothing. Except for the crutches, which were $21 bucks. $100 copay? In the words of Bart Simpson, eat my shorts.


Feb. 11th, 2011 02:00 am (UTC)
The Czech people do have a copayment when they go to the hospital: 30Kč (or about $1.68 USD at the current exchange rate). You put the coins into a machine and it gives you a receipt, which you give to the receptionist. I paid my 30Kč and got my slip but, because I wasn't a Czech citizen, I actually got that refunded to me. For reals.

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