Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Gimpy Update.

Well, I *am* mobile, but I'm super slow. It seems like I can get about for very short distances (around the hotel, say) with one crutch (and around the room with no crutches), but for being out and about, it looks like I still need two. This being the EU, the crutches are those Kerry Weaver-style crutches, which I'd never used before. I've learned from watching other people using them that it's better to walk with them, sort of like I'm an animal with four legs, than to use them like US-style crutches.

In other news, I'd hoped to spend yesterday evening seeing this, but after getting my ticket and sitting outside for half an hour, they announced "technical difficulties" and gave me a ticket to tonight's show instead. The good news is that aaronbenedict might be able to join me tonight (he was playing paintball with the guys last night. Yes, seriously). The bad news is that if they're technically difficult again tonight, I'm out of options for seeing them.

Tomorrow I go to The Netherlands to hang with bishopjoey and last_girl_guide. I'm looking forward to seeing them, but not to the airport/airplane experience. Flying stresses me out enough when I'm not on crutches. Yeesh. Also, this airline is a no luggage allowed type deal, so whatever I take, it has to fit inside my purse. Luckily I have a big purse. :)

So what should I do today? Caveat: Heavy on the sitting, light on the walking. One thing I know I want to do: find some cologne to cover the stench of tobacco that now permeates my clothing. Holy cats these Europeans like to smoke!
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