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I love Obama. I really do. I love him so much I kinda wanna make out with him. But watching the Tucson Memorial Service on TV is really rubbing me the wrong way. Specifically, it's the applause. I don't care if Shakespeare himself wrote the speeches, it's really stressing me out to see people applauding anyone at a goddamn motherfucking memorial service. When Obama made the comment about changing the violent nature of public discourse and got a fucking standing ovation, I left the room. Dude, I know you're an awesome speechifier, but that's just wrong.

Not that I blame Obama alone. I mean, I'm not there, but I kind of doubt he's rocking an "Applause" sign. But his speech is a political speech, full of built-in pauses and sure-fire response-getters. And I do feel like he could have told his writers "this is a memorial service -- it shouldn't be about politics. It shouldn't be about me."

Maybe it's because I was a part of a public tragedy, albeit one of a very different nature. Maybe that's why this feels triggering for me. All I know is if I were sitting in that audience because of the death or injury of a loved one, I would be horrified to have the house erupt into a standing ovation, for any reason.
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