Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Away. Returning.

I've been in DC all week. It's been good. Some sad news -- Lambda Rising Bookstore has closed, which feels much like finding out an old friend has died -- but otherwise the overwhelming feeling is relief. aaronbenedict is getting sick and I'm on the tail end of getting over getting sick, but it still feels like such a relief to be here. I love this city. I always have.

Unfortunately, we're going back to New York in a few hours. I'm not very happy about that. It's such a goyishe sentiment, but I really wish I could be home for Christmas. I'm afraid of doing Jewish Christmas in New York -- all of the movie theaters there have bedbugs.
Tags: aaronbenedict, books, christmas, dc, illness, jew, links, movies, new york, queer, travel
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