Hopita (hopita) wrote,

"We'll Get Three Points Offa Jeff Reed's Toe"

A few weeks ago, I downloaded the WPXI app onto my iPhone. It was election night and I was frustrated at being in New York; the local news was all over the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut election returns, but all I cared about was what was going on in Pennsylvania. The app beeped me in the wee hours with the news: Pat Toomey had won.

I pretty much forgot about the WPXI app after that. It would appear that the WPXI app only pages you when something truly major has happened in Pittsburgh.

Today, at noon, I was on the Q express train, headed across the Manhattan Bridge into Manhattan. My cell phone beeped. One of the cute little features of the app is that when it sends out an alert, it appears as though "Pittsburgh" is sending you a text message. I looked down at my lap and saw:

The Pittsburgh Steelers have cut Jeff Reed

I gasped. Loudly. People actually stopped what they were doing and stared. But what could I do? I called aaronbenedict and told him the news. He said I should have announced it on the train when everybody looked over at me. I think he's probably right.
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