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My Day.

Today's been chock-full of headache-inducing stressfulness. I met aaronbenedict for lunch, which we ate in a soggy sukkah. He had to go back to work for an hour, and then the two of us headed to downtown Brooklyn to sign the lease for my new apartment.

It was really scary.

We signed I don't even know how many papers and I squeezed his hand so hard I actually made it bleed. Luckily, I am also the type to always have bandages in my purse (though primarily because I'm allergic to regular plastic Band-Aids).

Then we went to drive to the building to get the keys, and we got into a car accident.

Thankfully a minor one (someone rear-ended us when we were stopped and waiting on the BQE onramp). aaronbenedict got out to inspect the damage, and when he returned he said "I really should put my diaper back on." I was very confused, momentarily forgetting that we always refer to this monstrosity as his car's diaper. It was at least an hour before I could really laugh at my image of him wearing Depends.

We got the keys (after a fair bit of having to chase the super down -- I never found him, but his son appeared and he was able to get the keys for me) and I've been told that it's OK to move a few things in before the first, so I plan to head over tomorrow with (Kosher) food from the kitchen and a milk crate full of houseplants. It's another fourth floor walkup, so I'm trying to spread out the trips up the stairs.

I also bought myself a present: A subscription to New York Magazine. I know everyone says Time Out New York is the shiznit, but I always seem to like New York more. The good news is I found it online for $29.95 (one site had it listed for $161.50, which I blanched at). The bad news is that the mailbox at the new building doesn't shut right, so I expect to have lots of issues stolen. I'll mention it to the super.

I'll make a locked post with my new address shortly.

Also, today would have been Bob Hemelrick's 39th birthday. Happy birthday, Bob.


Sep. 29th, 2010 01:34 am (UTC)
I'm glad you guys are OK.


(I saw a lot of those diaper things on cars the last time I was in NYC. I really hate being in a car when I'm in New York. Even though we were in New York state and not the city when we got into our car accident, I associate accidents with NYC now.)

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