Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Post-Post SNL Thoughts.

A few more things I remembered:

Another sketch that got cut: Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton. I thought it was a good sketch (it certainly trumped that existential hat crisis), though it was definitely hit-em-over-the-head political. Glenn Beck got namechecked as someone who liked to yell but had no real ideas to yell about. The ending joke was something about her having to go get on Air Force Three with a man who didn't believe women should be allowed to drive.

Another joke that got cut from Weekend Update: Again, Amy Poehler, this time talking about the strong Canadian dollar and the weak US dollar, and the subsequent Canadian housing boom in the the American Southwest. The joke: You been watchin' the wrong border, Arizona. Then she went off on how her husband was Canadian and her kids were half, and they were gonna buy up a bunch of Arizona property.

Also, an awesome joke about PBS's idea to create a new Sesame Street-type show for adults. The joke was that Sesame Street is an adult show, with abusive relationships (Kermit & Miss Piggy), gay marriage (Bert & Ernie) and a homeless schizophrenic (Oscar the Grouch).

I'm sure I'll remember and post more as the day goes on, although right now I need to get focused on getting ready to meet aaronbenedict to go watch the Steelers game.

Holy cats what a weekend! My head feels like rubber right now.

Oh, also, my heart soared for the new guy who did the Will Smith impression. I know when you're a new cast member, it's a big deal to get into a sketch in the first show with any lines at all. But this guy had a bit on Weekend Update and killed with it. Now, it's too soon to know if he's fantastic in other stuff too, or if he just does a really funny Will Smith impression, but I was so happy for him. He was just beaming when he walked offstage during dress.

(direct link, because SNL videos tend to fail on LJ: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/jay-as-will-smith/1251382/)
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