Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Post-SNL thoughts.

It's 2:30 in the morning. I've been awake for 22 hours now, up at 4:30 am to be in Midtown by 6:00 am, to wait on line for tickets to SNL.

I went through the line twice. One the first pass I got standby ticket #65 for the dress rehearsal. On the second (and third) pass I got ticket #107 (and ticket #114, in case I could find a friend to come with me) for the live broadcast.

I didn't think I'd make it into either show. I made it into both.

To say it was awesomesauce would be a tremendous understatement.

Guest stars included Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Governor Paterson, Maya Rudolph, Justin Timberlake and Rachel Dratch (and I'm sure I'm forgetting somebody). The host was Amy Poehler, and the musical guest was Katy Perry, who surprised me by actually being pretty good.

Two of my favorite moments weren't even part of the shows.

Awesome moment #1: Leaving at the end of the first show, and having the woman who sat next to me say "OMG Tina Fey!" I looked up from my iPhone and lo and behold, Tina Fey, in the flesh, two feet away from me. Sadly, I was not quick enough on the draw with my iPhone's camera, and only got a blurry shot of the guard/page, standing in the doorway after Tina Fey had left:

OK, I tried.

Awesome moment #2: There were two pages named Ben, Downstairs Ben and Upstairs Ben. Upstairs Ben was the guy who wrangled people into the elevators. When I left the first show, I was the last person he placed onto one elevator. I made a joke about being claustrophobic and he laughed. When I got back upstairs for the second show, an hour later, after 400 other people had walked past him, he remembered me. Dude, I don't care if he was just a glorified elevator operator: I made a Saturday Night Live employee laugh, and I did it well enough that he remembered me. That's gonna rock my world for a good while now.

Other things:

The dress rehearsal was about 2½ hours long, and a good half hour of it was probably Weekend Update. I can remember one joke they cut -- about the cars smelling bad after the dog surfing contest (which was actually a pretty good joke, but died in dress because of timing -- people were still laughing from the joke before and didn't hear it) -- but otherwise I don't remember. I do remember two sketches that were cut: One was a Family Feud thing that I actually liked better than at least one of the sketches they left in (the hat thing -- WTF?), and one was some weird schtick about a dude who had a Mexican lobotomy that left me wondering why anybody would ever think that was funny. Clearly Lorne agreed with me on that one, because it was gone gone gone from the live show.

So, OK, I should maybe consider trying to sleep. Next week is Kanye West and ... er, some dude. I think he's an actor. So which of you bitches is coming down with me to get tickets next Saturday?

Oh, also, LJ: You suck for having still not fixed the userpics uploader after like three fricking weeks. I so want to make this picture into a userpic, but no matter what I try, you won't let me.

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