Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Verbatim what I just posted to facebook:

The situation: I have standby tickets for tonight's SNL. Host Amy Poehler (yaay!) and musical guest Katy Perry (meh). Who wants to come with me?

More specifics: Standby tickets DO NOT guarantee entry. I have one standby ticket (for me) to the dress rehearsal (ticket #65) and two standby tickets (for me and a friend) to the live taping (#107 and #114). This means that 114 people have to NOT show up in order for us to get in. Tall odds, but not impossible. So who wants to come down with me at 10:45 pm tonight to see if we can get in to SNL? I've offered the ticket to aaronbenedict, but I *know* he won't want to be up and out that late, especially with no guarantees of even getting in to the show.

Anyone want to come to Midtown and chance it with me?

I'm gonna go do laundry and possibly take a nap, but I'll check for responses before this evening.
Tags: aaronbenedict, events, facebook, snl

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