Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Writer's Block: Personality goes a long way

Have you ever been the target of cyber-bullying? What was your reaction?

Interesting timing, LJ.

Since you've just announced your new policy allowng people to link LJ posts to facebook, with or without permission, I almost feel like today's question is some sort of sick joke. Like, "Have you ever been the target of cyber-bullying? No? Then here -- let us make it easier!"

Also, *what* is up with the title of today's question? "Personality goes a long way"? What's that supposed to mean? That if you have a "good" personality, you won't get bullied? Or you'll know how to "handle" it? Try telling that to anyone who's been stalked.
Tags: bad behavior, bullshit, facebook, links, writer's block

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