Hopita (hopita) wrote,

I tried to see Bill Shannon's performance this afternoon, but he never showed. I was about to leave and be pissed off (not to mention rained on) when I ran into anjeelou. I was just amused because I just went to her user info page where she says "I look something like this," and the really funny part is that today, she looked EXACTLY like that.

OK, so maybe that's not REALLY funny, but you know what -- I'm stressing over one person's somewhat sudden disappearance, and annoyed at the fact that the one person who would totally understand hasn't read her email in so fucking long that everything I've tried to send to her has bounced back to me.

Feh. Someone else needs to use the computer. And I need lunch anyway.

At around 1:00 this morning I wrote a highly ill-advised letter to someone, making liberal use of the word "fucking" (as in "you can fucking tell me to fucking go to fucking Hell if you goddamn motherfucking want to ..."). Thankfully, said letter was never sent, nor do I expect it ever will be.

Not so thankfully, last night I cruised through a whole pack of cigarettes and a comparable portion of vodka. Groan ....

ratphooey: I had a Falk flashback this morning. I went to Bruegger's Bagels this morning and I was in the bathroom and the paper towel dispenser had one of those little hand-crank thingys -- I don't know. I looked at it and realized that the last time I could remember seeing a paper towel dispenser that old-school was in those literally "old school" bathrooms at Falk.

If I had more time or was more motivated I'd find an image, but I don't and I'm not.
Tags: anjee, crutchmaster, falk, h.w.s.r.n., smoking

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