Hopita (hopita) wrote,

ESPN, Texas Justice, tapes, and rainy Pittsburgh days

Today was ... hmmmm. I find myself lacking the appropriate adjective.

I finished a tape for H.W.S.R.N. last night. It sounds really different today. Like, I didn't like Side A so much last night, but listening to it today, I think it sounds great. Side B is just the opposite. So anyhow, after I went swimming, I went to Kinko's to do cover art, only the color copiers were all tied up, so I went to some other little podunk place where nothing's self serve and where I had to wait forfuckingever for the woman to make the two little copies that I needed. Oh well. In the end, it got done, and that's what matters.

So then I get home. I still haven't heard from Elizabeth from Texas Justice, but I didn't really expect to talk to her until tomorrow, so that's no biggie. I should be getting her package tomorrow, and if not, then I'll give her a call. I did, however, hear from the guy from ESPN Dream Job. I'd thought that the job was this past Saturday, but then again, when he called me originally, I was literally walking out the door to my Uncle Tommy's funeral, so I wasn't exactly at my most focused. Anyhow, long story short, apparently I'm working on this ESPN Dream Job thing on Wednesday. I'm just hoping that it doesn't interfere with whatever Texas Justice wants me to do, because I did commit myself to them first. Worse comes to worst, I'll either find someone else to do one of the jobs, or else work myself ragged to get them both done.

And then of course the High Holy Days start on Friday night, so this week promises to offer me very little in the way of time to myself or sleep. I figure I'll drop off H.W.S.R.N.'s tape tomorrow, although I don't want to leave the house until I get Elizabeth's package, so who knows.
Tags: h.w.s.r.n., jew, mixes, music, texas justice, work

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