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Losing my job as I am in the final weeks before losing my home is some of the worst timing ever.

I need help.

Anyone, everyone -- Do you have contacts in New York? Contacts who might be able to offer housing or employment? Please reach out to them for me.

I have four cats, which I know is a deal breaker in many cases. Two are elderly, two are young and, aside from the inevitable shedding, they really don't do much other than sleep, eat, and birdwatch. I'll pay an additional security deposit. That's fine.

What I need:

Housing: Cat-friendly, ideally furnished (though not required -- if I have to shell out for an Ikea bed, so be it), with parking somewhere reasonably nearby (I'm fine with alternate side, so long as it's within a reasonable distance). I'd say $1,400/month is my limit. I need to move by October 1st. Brooklyn preferred.

Employment: I've done retail, I've done film/media, and I've worked for a ton of non-profits. I'm neat, organized, and punctual. I would love to work for another non-profit, but I'm open to possibilities. I would be the world's greatest Administrative Assistant. Resume gladly furnished, in .pdf format, to anyone who wants it.

I know things in New York happen very quickly, but I'm a Pittsburgh girl, so I'm kinda freaking out. Please, guys, if you know of ANYTHING, keep me in mind.
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