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So my computer broke again. This time I didn't trip over anything -- the keyboard just went crazy -- letters became functions and everything kept beeping and screaming at me ... So I went to Radio Shack and plunked down $100 and said "Fix it." Now I'm relegated to coffee house computers until who knows when. If you want to talk to me, you'd be well advised to ring me on the telephone.

And in other crappy news, I spent the past few days being blind, having developed some weird infection in my right eye (and when I say "weird" I mean WEIRD: The doctor in the emergency room said he sees this like once every five years, and then pulled my Mom over to give her a look -- and it's NEVER a good sign when an e.r. doc says "Oh, wow ... you've gotta see THIS!")

But the good news is in this week's Pittsburgh City Paper: Bill Shannon ( aka "Crutchmaster" -- http://www.whatiswhat.com/whatiswhat.htm ) is going to be in town and performing at the Three Rivers Arts Festival this weekend! Here's the schedule:


So anyone who wants to join me, I am absolutely game. It looks like he's doing a twenty minute piece a couple of times a day over the course of the weekend -- good times. We'll see if I get to see him and whether on not he remembers me from our days at Falk School, our days as high school vagabonds, or those fateful Wicker Park days.
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