Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Dreams about my aunts and my Grandmother's stuff last night. A dream with Bob the night before -- not a dream ABOUT Bob, but rather a dream that he just made an appearance in -- in a room with a bunch of other people, and I saw him, wanted to spend time with him because, once again, I knew that he was dead and that I wouldn't get much time to spend with him.

The dream about the aunts was very specific -- that I found small, non-valuable things of my grandmother's that I wanted to have -- a plastic pin, a beaded necklace -- but my aunt Gayle said no, she should have dibs on everything. In the dream I got physically hurt somehow -- hit in the eye, I think -- and was crying, saying I was crying about my eye, as opposed to crying about the shitty way I was being treated.
Tags: bob hemelrick, crying, dreams, gayle, grandma

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