Hopita (hopita) wrote,

The little things.

I can't pack today, but I'll freak out if I spend a whole week doing *nothing* (nevermind that I drove to Brooklyn, got the keys, and got a tour of the neighborhood), so right now I'm sitting in an air conditioned hotel room, scheduling my utilities to be shut off. Next up: more phone calls to movers (morrigan716: This woman and I are still playing phone tag!), and a call to my health insurance company to see if they offer any services in New York (in other words, is COBRA in any way worth it?).

Then I'll grab a swim in the hotel pool.

And, you know, maybe go shopping and have a veggie cheesesteak at Gianna's. :)
Tags: brooklyn, eating, keys, morrigan716, moving, new york, philadelphia, phone, swimming

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