Hopita (hopita) wrote,

So let's see ...

My aunts are in town to pack up my Grandmother's apartment. It's been torture. The favorite game of the week is Try To Make Everyone Around You Feel Even Worse Than You Do. I'm not sure who's winning, but it sure as Hell ain't me.

Last night, in a fit of pique or I-don't-know-what, I bought a pack of smokes, a bunch of those Jack Daniels coolers (I actually got carded), and sat around making surprisingly well-advised phone calls: I called Daryk, and we talked for a good, long time, as we usually do, and, even though I smoked a whole damn pack in just a coupla hours (after not having smoked in several weeks -- perhaps a month or more), I went to bed feeling surprisingly OK.

Nice thunderstorms through the night ... felt good through the open windows ...

Now, however, I am struggling through debilitating day-after chest pains ... groan ...

Then today I worked on what will likely be my last day of Texas Justice. The case that I saw that troubled me the most was this one:

A guy was driving and he hit somebody's dog with his car. So he's suing the dog's owners for damages to his vehicle. What an asshole!
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