Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Before I go to DC ...

Easter at The Co-op. Olivia brought peeps.

My feet. N'at. :)

My groovy new kitty water cooler.

Shannon and Kerry left a note on my windshield (in reference to my air freshener)

Muchi investigates the water cooler

The inside of that John Lennon ice cream thing.

... and the outside.

Hippie trash. :)

How had I never noticed this coffee mug at work before?

Sprout pointed out this juxtaposition to me.

"Che Guava"

Or maybe "Fidel Kumquat." (h/t to Maggie for both names)

Neighbor cat

One of my recent purchases. Not as helpful as you'd think.

It was a coffee kind of day (something I don't usually do, or at least didn't used to).

Rainy afternoon

Taken for ratphooey, who has a cat named Roxie.

My amazing avocado tree, which I sprouted from a pit.

She's actually a lot bigger now.

Thank you for fucking on my car.

Stuck in traffic on the Rankin Bridge.

That Kennywood sign seemed so much bigger when I was a kid.

Steelers art on a South Side telephone pole.

Alias Smith and Jones

Remind you of anything?

Pack me too, Mommy!

Kim and I both love the peanut butter cups.

Attacked by the seed stand


Snapped at the Women's Health and the Environment conference, for blog_of_quotes. The text reads "There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is 'real' and that it poses a serious global threat that cannot be ignored."

They were filming in aaronbenedict's office building.


Rhododendron, or maybe azalea.

(Hopefully) prophetic fortune cookie.

The pool all full of screaming, peeing kids.

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