Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Photo Dump.

The end of March and the beginning of April.

Art deco styrofoam

No More Monsters!

AIM kept freezing while aaronbenedict was making funny faces.

It's really hard to see, but there's an Obama mural painted on the hood of that car.

OMG! Chocolate Crocs!

OK, so I know I posted this once before, but it's so effing awesome. 20+ year old near-mint condition pack of Egyptian cigarettes.

Another one that's hard to see. Their vanity plate says "PGH PA."

After nearly six months on dry land, I finally went swimming again!

The soon-to-be-closing Aaron & Ari's.

Why is there a nun on the poster for the Jewish Film festival?

I bought a new flavor of Ben & Jerry's today: Imagine Whirled Peace

It has little chocolate peace signs in it.

Sunset over Polish Hill.

And that's it for now.
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