Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Philadelphia: Day 5.

Finally, here are the pictures from my very last day in Philly.

Minnie Mouse dress


Horizons, the most awesome vegan restaurant ever. ratphooey and I didn't go there this time around, but she introduced me to Horizons on a previous trip to Philly.

As seen at The Wooden Shoe. It was designed by my friend Albo, who I know from hanging out at The Shoe back in 1990.

As seen at Antiquarian's Delight. I really, really wanted to ring the bell. :)

Gianna's Grille. Om nom nom.

As seen inside a mailbox on 6th Street.

Heading out of town

Downtown Newark, DE. Were they intentionally trying to be all gay pride-y?

Newark Natural Foods

I loved the giant "ORGANIC" sign.

I always like to check out the bulk herbs when I visit a new co-op.

At the Customer Service Desk

Taking the state roads through Amish country

I ♥ Wawa

Why yes, I did stop at a store called "Amish Stuff Etc" -- why do you ask?

In all seriousness, I've been wanting a nice quilt for a while, and figured this might be a good place to look for one. They did have one design that I really liked -- a blue wedding ring pattern -- but they only had twin size left. Oh well. Maybe next time.

At the Blue Mountain Service Plaza

... and they had a penny machine!

And to top it all off, I discovered that Roy Rogers' cinnamon rolls are Kosher!

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