Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Philadelphia: Day 3.

Next up: Thursday:

The nicest thing about our hotel: They gave us a giant chocolate Liberty Bell!

Giant Frog in Rittenhouse Square

Me and Giant Frog

aaronbenedict and Giant Frog

A very sweet little boy started dragging his toy in front of aaronbenedict while I was trying to take his picture. Very cute.

A real, live phonebooth (otherwise known as a urinal). If it wasn't in front of the Verizon building, I'm certain it wouldn't exist at all.

I choose to believe that it says "Do not photograph this sign."

Singapore Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant

Singapore Latkes

Pan-Fried Scallion Pancake

"Chicken" with Honey Cashew Nuts

aaronbenedict had the Kung Pao "Chicken"

I love the juxtaposition of cultures. I can't read what this says in two different languages!

New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant

We said we'd try this one the next time we were in Philly.

I loved this picture.

Even though he has family in Philly, and travels there for work, aaronbenedict had never gone to see The Liberty Bell before. It made me really happy to take him to see it for the very first time.

City Hall

They had a flavor of Vitamin Water I'd never seen before: Spark. Officially it's grape and blueberry. Unofficially it tastes just like SweeTARTS.

30th Street Station

The giant ads for Macy's bugged me.

aaronbenedict liked this sculpture.

The fuzz.

Spotlight on: aaronbenedict's grey hairs.



I sent aaronbenedict a text message when I arrived at ratphooey's house. This was his response.


Maggie the cat hates everyone. Everyone except tssandwich, that is.

Heading to dinner at Thoreau.

I ordered a Dagwood Cubano. She delivered this. We said are you sure this is a Dagwood? She said yes. Five minutes later she returned to say whoops, that's actually a Sonoma Sampler. But since it was their fault, it was free.

This was my Dagwood. It was awesome.

ratphooey's Buffalo Blue Blinis.

Coming soon: Friday.
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